Car Park Markings

Car Park Markings

We can install car park markings to a range of establishments including schools, supermarkets, shopping centres and many more.

Line Marking Parking Spaces

Line Marking Parking Spaces

We can carry out line marking for car parking spaces across the UK to create a safer environment for people parking their cars.

Parking Bay Graphics

Parking Bay Graphics

We can install parking bay graphics to distinguish between different bays. For example we can include disability symbols as well as parent and child symbols.

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Car Park Markings

Our line marking contractors can install car park markings to create parking spaces for people using the car parking facilities.

We can also install arrow markings to ensure that people follow the car park around the right way; this will prevent the risk of accidents and lower the amount of collisions.

We are able to apply preformed thermoplastic graphics for car parks in a number of different colours depending on your preferences. The most common colours are white and yellow for disabled spaces.

As well as our line marking paint, we can also offer car park painting to suit your needs.

Our team also install hatched road markings along with 'no parking' writing to ensure that people do not park in areas which are not specified as parking spaces. We try our best to meet our clients' individual needs and requirements as well as meet up with compulsory demands.

For example, a parking space will need to be a certain size to ensure a standard vehicle will be able to fit in; we will make sure we install the bays correctly so that no problems occur once the lines are installed. 


Why Choose Us?

We are accredited installers and experts in the industry, with over 10 years of experience.

There are a number of road markings which we have available, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our experts can tell you about the thermoplastic installation process and let you know how long the application will take and the cost to install them. Simply fill out our contact box and we'll respond to you with advice and a free quotation if necessary.

Types of Carpark Markings

There are three main types of car park markings; lines, symbols and words.

Lines are the most common as they are used to create parking spots and indicate where vehicles can park.

Symbols are usually used with lines and provide information about that parking space, such as disabled parking only or parent and child bays.

Word markings can be used for car parks to block off certain sections with 'NO PARKING' or indicate the length of time allowed in the parking space.

Hatching is also used to mark out areas which should be left clear, such as a fire exits and store entrances.

Handicap Parking Spaces

Disabled parking bays should be marked out with either a symbol, wording or both.

It is a legal requirement for carparks are required to have a set amount of these accessible parking spaces.

These spaces should have more space than standard bays.

We can carry out car park line marking for disabled bays. These may be installed in a different colour to the standard parking spaces if necessary and we can install disabled badges and logos into the disabled bays.

Parent and Child Parking Bays

Car parks are also required to have a set amount of parent and child spaces.

These spaces will usually have a symbol to mark them out as designated spaces for parking with children.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

It is becoming increasingly popular to install EV charging spaces in car parks.

These spaces will be marked with a symbol, wording or both.

These areas highlight where people with cars that need charging can park.

Pedestrian Walkways

A lot of car parks will have walkways and sidewalks installed to signal where pedestrians should walk through the car park and improve safety. These are installed to help keep customers and pedestrians safe when walking through the area.


Car Park Marking Costs

The average cost for car park marking is £850. However, the cost of painted and thermoplastic line markings will vary depending on many different factors. One big aspect that can implement the price of the graphics is how many you want to have installed.

Obviously, if you are looking to line-mark a big car park with lots of parking bays, the thermoplastic line-marking costs will be much higher than if you were to outline just a few bays in a smaller car park closest to you.

The type of markings you require will also have an effect on the cost. Simple lines outlining the spaces will be cheaper than having symbols over the bays and hatched markings with 'no parking' across some areas.

We'll discuss the best options available to meet your requirements and remain within your spending budget. If you've got any worries or concerns, make sure you let us know.

What are the Benefits of Car Park Markings?

Car park markings offer several benefits that contribute to efficient and organised parking areas, enhanced safety, and a positive user experience.

Whether in commercial establishments, residential complexes, or public facilities, well-designed and properly executed car park markings play a crucial role in managing vehicle traffic and ensuring a well-functioning parking environment. Here are the key benefits of car park markings:

  • Optimised Space: Car park markings help maximise the use of available parking space by clearly defining parking bays and layouts. This prevents inefficient use of space and reduces congestion.
  • Clear Traffic Flow: Marked lanes and directional arrows guide drivers through the car park, preventing congestion, wrong-way driving, and accidents.
  • Prevention of Illegal Parking: Clearly marked parking bays and restricted areas discourage unauthorised parking, such as in loading zones, fire lanes, or reserved spaces.
  • Accessible Parking: Markings can designate accessible parking spaces for people with disabilities, ensuring compliance with accessibility regulations and providing equitable access.
  • Improving Safety and Pedestrian Zones: Marked pedestrian crossings and walkways enhance safety by separating vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This reduces the risk of accidents involving pedestrians.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Well-maintained car park markings enhance the overall appearance of the parking area, contributing to a positive first impression for visitors and customers.
  • Parking Space Equality: Clearly marked spaces promote fairness and prevent disputes over parking spaces.
  • Efficient Parking Management: Car park markings facilitate the implementation of parking policies, such as time limits, pay-to-park areas, and permit-only zones.
  • Emergency Access: Clearly marked fire lanes and emergency access routes ensure that emergency vehicles can navigate the car park without obstruction.
  • Reduced Traffic Congestion: Organised parking areas reduce the time drivers spend searching for parking spaces, leading to less congestion and a smoother traffic flow.
  • Easy Identification: Color-coded markings for different types of parking (e.g., visitor, employee, reserved) help users quickly identify available spaces and appropriate areas for their needs.
  • Guidance for Large Vehicles: Markings provide guidelines for larger vehicles to park safely within designated areas, avoiding conflicts with other vehicles or obstacles.
  • Consistency and Compliance: Consistent and clear markings help users understand parking regulations and encourage compliance with parking rules.
  • Enhanced Security: Well-lit car parks with clear markings contribute to improved security by providing better visibility and discouraging unauthorised access.
  • Reduced Liability: Clearly marked spaces and pathways help reduce the likelihood of accidents, minimising liability for property owners and managers.
  • Cost Efficiency: Properly marked car parks require less staff intervention and management, reducing operational costs.
  • Legal Compliance: Car park markings often need to comply with local regulations and accessibility requirements, helping property owners avoid legal issues.

By facilitating efficient parking management, promoting safety, and improving user experience, car park markings contribute to a well-organised and user-friendly parking environment.

Property owners and managers should regularly maintain and update car park markings to ensure their effectiveness over time.

Car Park Marking Designs

There are many different colours to choose from and our experts are available to help you decide upon the best ones for your local facility and its surrounding areas.

We also install thermoplastic symbols on the parking bays to distinguish between the different bays.

We have performed parent-and-child symbols and disabled bay symbols available which we'll melt onto the surface, however, if you are looking for a cheaper option we can also carry out molten thermoplastic marking.

Many car parks across the UK have a one-way system to make the area safer for the people parking up. We install arrows to direct the drivers around the area in order to prevent any collisions from occurring.

Please make any requests that you have clear to our installers and we'll try our best to cater for your needs.

If you'd like to discuss the designs and specifications which we already have available, simply send us your details using the contact form and we will get back to you with all the car park road markings we may install and the prices of these.  

Thermoplastic Car Park Marking Suppliers Near Me

As professional thermoplastic car park line-marking suppliers in the UK, we provide you with high-quality, long-lasting thermoplastics to melt onto the existing car parks surfacing.

We supply thermoplastic line markings in numerous colours dependent on your requirements. We supply and install car park line markings for a number of different establishments including shopping centres, supermarkets, schools and colleges.

We are able to meet up with any of your needs and requirements, so please speak to our staff if you've got any specific requests. Car park bay lines are a great way to prevent accidents and make the area look neater.

As a top-rated line-marking company, we only make use of premium materials and we conduct the installation to the best possible standard. You will receive great value for money when having our expert road marking contractors carry out the work and the lines should last a long time.


How to Line Mark a Car Park

Lining a car park involves applying markings to define parking spaces, traffic lanes, pedestrian walkways, and other designations. Properly executed car park markings contribute to organised parking and improved traffic flow. Here's a general guide on how to line mark a car park:

Plan and Design

  • Survey the car park area and assess its layout, dimensions, and requirements.
  • Decide on the types of parking spaces, driving lanes, pedestrian zones, and other markings needed.
  • Consider factors such as accessible parking spaces, loading zones, and fire lanes.

Gather Materials and Equipment

  • Obtain appropriate line marking paint, thermoplastic material, or other approved road marking materials.
  • Gather safety equipment, including high-visibility clothing, gloves, safety cones, and barricades.

Prepare the Surface

  • Clean the car park surface to remove debris, dirt, and oil stains.
  • Repair any potholes or cracks in the pavement that could affect the quality of the markings.

Mark the Layout

  • Use chalk or temporary marking tape to mark the layout of parking spaces, lanes, and other markings. This allows you to make adjustments before permanent marking.

Apply Primer (If Needed)

  • Some road marking materials may require a primer to ensure proper adhesion. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for application.

Apply Markings

  • Using appropriate equipment (such as spray machines or heat applicators for thermoplastic), apply the road marking material according to the marked layout.
  • Ensure the markings are straight, even, and well-defined. Use stencils or guides for accurate placement.

Allow Drying/Curing Time

  • Allow the markings to dry or cure according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This may vary depending on the type of material used.

Install Reflective Glass Beads (Optional)

  • For improved nighttime visibility, apply reflective glass beads to the wet paint or thermoplastic markings while they are still tacky.

Add Symbols and Details

  • Apply any symbols, letters, numbers, arrows, or other details required for your specific car park layout.

Clean Up

  • Remove any temporary marking tape or chalk lines used for layout marking.
  • Clean equipment and tools used for line marking.

Safety Precautions

  • Ensure proper safety measures are in place during the marking process to protect workers and road users.

Monitor and Maintenance

  • Regularly inspect and maintain the car park markings to ensure they remain clear and visible. Touch up faded or damaged markings as needed.

Where are Car Park Markings Installed?

Car park line markings can be installed in a range of parking areas. This includes:

  • Commercial parking lot
  • Retail outlet
  • Multi-storey parking area
  • Residential vehicle parking
  • Business parking facilities

The markings are usually installed on tarmac surfaces but they can be installed onto concrete or block paving.

If you're interested in more information regarding the line marking we can carry out, please fill out the contact box.

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We offer a variety of services and products for car and road markings, if you would like to find out more or have any questions, please get in touch.

We can provide you with more information regarding the application, solutions and costs of the car park markings once you fill in our enquiry form; simply send us your details and we'll send you back a quotation for the line-marking.

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