Hydroblasting Specialists

Hydroblasting Specialists

If you are searching for hydroblasting specialists near you to remove existing line markings, please get in touch with our team today.

Road Line Marking Removal

Road Line Marking Removal

We offer the best road line marking removal in the UK. If you are interested in a quote, please complete our contact form now.

Hydroblast Machine

Hydroblast Machine

We make use of high quality Hydroblast machines when removing line markings and other paint to ensure we do not damage the existing surface. Please get in touch for more information.

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Hydroblasting Specialists

Thank you for visiting our hydroblasting page. As specialist line markers, we can install, remove and refresh paint, road marking and other graphics on both internal and external surfaces.

There has been high demand for hydroblasting services throughout the UK for the following:

As Hydroblasting Specialists we work nationwide throughout the UK and are removing and reapplying floor markings. 

Road Line Marking Removal

As experts in Road Marking Removal contracts, we regularly carry out carpark line removal and removing of road marking designs.

We are very competitive on price and costs when it comes to Road Marking Removal because own all our hydro blast machines where many competitors rent theirs.

This keeps us competitive on costs which we can pass onto you when providing prices to do the works. For more information on line removal, please get in touch.

Playground Marking Removal

The processes of playground marking removals are common schools and nurseries. Old macadam surfaces with worn out activity line markings can look unsightly and need to be removed.

We can remove these tarmac thermoplastic graphics in a number of different ways which give a clean play area for new graphics to be installed. 

Hydroblasting can be done for playgrounds markings removal to get the existing thermoplastics off the surfacing area in an environmentally friendly way.

This hydro blast method uses water so it’s suitable for use on more textured and delicate areas for removing playground markings without causing damage to the tarmac underneath.

Graffiti Removal Company

We get asked many times what is the costs and prices for Graffiti Removal. The best answer to this is to enquire today on the contact form and we will ask for some images of the area and then we can offer a free no obligation quotation for yourselves.

As the prices and costing vary depending on the current surface area, the type of graffiti used and the location.

Another common question is how do you remove graffiti and I would strongly recommend getting the specialists in to do this.

Simply because it can be time-consuming without the correct machinery. But also because you can end up damaging the walls or floors if you do not know how to do this properly. Below shows the graffiti removal machine we use.

Hydroblast Machine

The hydroblast machine we have is the Falch which we believe to be the best machinery to carry out the work needed. Check out the video here of the hydroblast machine:

As you can see the hydroblasting machinery is a specialist piece of kit. All our installers and labourers and trained to use this machine.

The video presentation of the 2500 bar high pressure water jetting machine falch trail jet 100 just shows how big the machinery is for our installations.

Hydroblast Pressure Cleaning

No job is too big or small for us because we have installers all over the UK. So our team (https://www.markingcontractors.co.uk/) are able to also carry out Hydroblast Pressure Cleaning to pavements, driveways and paint removal cleaning.

If you are looking for Hydroblast Pressure Cleaning then fill in the contact form and we can provide you competitive costs and quotes to complete the works.

Cleaning rust off containers is another huge industrial cleaning service we provide. As rust comes from the connection between iron or steel and oxygen in the presence of water.

The process is alsocalled oxidation or corrosion. Rust can destroy the material and can lead to significant damages. So making sure you contact us quickly to get this cleaned is very important to prevent further damages.

Hydrodemolition Contractors

Hydrodemolition is the process of using high-pressure water-jets for the controlled removal or demolition of concrete and is widely regarded as the safest and most efficient method of concrete removal.

Using a vibration-free process which leaves steel structures and reinforcements in place with no damage to adjacent areas; thus offering an efficient solution when compared with alternative methods.

We have Hydrodemolition Contractors where we can offer great costs to do these works and it has environmental benefits to using this hydro blast machine. Fill in our contact form now for more information.


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