School Playground Painting

School Playground Painting

We can carry out school playground painting in the UK to enhance the look of existing tarmac surfaces and improve play for young children.

Non Slip Paint Suppliers

Non Slip Paint Suppliers

Our non slip paint suppliers can install brightly coloured paint to school playgrounds to create new designs and games for the youngsters.

Play Area Surface Painting

Play Area Surface Painting

We can carry out play area surface painting across the UK to transform old, worn out areas and create fun and enjoyable games for young people.

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School Playground Painting

Our team are experts in school playground painting and we have a variety of colours for you to choose from.

Our anti slip playground paints are perfect for schools and nurseries as the slip resistance helps to prevent the children from falling over. Play area colour coating is more cost effective when compared to other coloured flooring types.

We would typically clean the tarmac surface prior to painting the area. By cleaning the surface first, we're able to guarantee that the paint will stick better to the surface.

If you're interested in more information regarding play area painting, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit this page:

As specialists in the painting of nearby school playgrounds, we may create a number of designs using our premium paints.

Many schools and nurseries closest to you opt to have their play areas painted along with thermoplastic playground markings installed. 

We create designs which incorporate the school playground markings (thermoplastic markings) into the painted design to make a much more enjoyable game for the children to get involved in during outdoor play. 

We also carry out relining and outdoor surface painting to create educational designs like world maps and alphabet games to improve the children's learning whilst they play.

Since we have so many colours and designs to choose from it can be hard to pick a design that is right for you; our experts will let you know which type of designs are best for each key stage and help you choose the right colours to coat your existing surface.

What is Anti Slip Paint?

Anti slip paint is a coating which is used to colour existing surfaces and improve the slip resistance.

Anti slip paint is often used in school playgrounds. The anti-slip properties mean that the children will be at less risk of falling over and hurting themselves.

Non slip paint is also available in a range of different colours; this allows various thermoplastic markings, designs and patterns to be installed which can completely renew the area.

The non slip paint which our specialists use for school playgrounds is poured out and spread evenly over the existing surface. This type of coloured coating is durable and long lasting and can enhance the overall look of the area.

For more information on anti slip play area painting, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

Playground Paint Suppliers Near Me

Our playground paint suppliers only make use of premium materials to make certain you receive the highest quality service.

Since we have years of experience inside the surfacing industry and we only use the best materials, our prices may not always be the cheapest; however we do offer the best value for money.

You will find that there are cheaper contractors to choose from, although you should take into account that these may not have enough experience and may not use the top quality materials like we do.

Our local specialists work hard to make sure your play area is finished to a top standard. Our main goal is to ensure that our clients are happy with our services and the children enjoy the new playground games available to them. 

Our team can also offer painting of car parks and a wide range of other areas. If you'd like to discuss the painted designs in further detail, please fill out the contact form to speak to one of our professionals.

Painting School Playgrounds

A number of head teachers decide to get their school playgrounds and surrounding areas, painted to increase opportunities for the students and gain a better OFSTED report during school inspections.

We carry out painting of school playgrounds as a way to improve their Ofsted ratings, as we may include new designs which incorporate interactive learning which is one thing school inspectors look out for.

The application of playground paints will also help to improve the appearance of the playground and make children more likely to take part in the games. If you want to better your school's P.E. lessons or sport in general, we may carry out school playground painting for sports like tennis and netball.

The anti-slip painting will enhance the look and play of the sports space and will increase the amount of children wanting to take part. We can also colour coat prior to installing playground markings to produce a professional looking facility within your playground.

As specialists within the industry, we are able to work with your existing space and budget to create the best designs and games for your students. 

It's not just playgrounds we can paint. We also offer warehouse painting and a variety of other services. Please contact us for a quote.

How to Paint Play Area Flooring Near Me

When looking how to colour coat play area flooring, you will need to take a few things into consideration:

  1. Clean the surfacing and apply a chemical treatment prior to installing the paint to make certain it sticks to the surface and doesn't come away with any dirt
  2. Repair any cracks on the surface if necessary
  3. Pour the paint onto the surfacing (or colour spray the area if it is for a sports facility)
  4. Spread the paint evenly in the desired shapes and designs
  5. Apply any playground markings for schools which you require

It is important to get a professional company to apply playground colour coating if you want the surface to last a long time.

We make use of high quality materials to ensure the life span of the surfacing is extended as far as possible.

We would also recommend regularly cleaning the play area to lengthen the lifespan further. Routine maintenance can be carried out by you or our professional contractors.

Other Playground Services We Offer

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We install a range of designs using anti slip paints.

For more information on school playground painting or you are interested to find out about costs, please message our team using the contact form provided on this page; we will get back to you promptly with professional advice and a free quotation.


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