Road Marking in Dungannon

Road Marking in Dungannon

We can carry out road marking across the United Kingdom to help road users have a safer experience when driving.

Yellow Road Lines in Dungannon

Yellow Road Lines in Dungannon

We can install a variety of yellow thermoplastic road markings to indicate a number of different rules.

Pedestrian Crossing Lining in Dungannon

Pedestrian Crossing Lining in Dungannon

We can install line markings for pedestrians too. Please contact our team if you require new road markings or reinstated lines.

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Road Line Marking in Dungannon

Our specialists can carry out road line marking in Dungannon BT71 5 to mark out different lanes and make important information clear to drivers and pedestrians.

Lines for roads are available in different colours and sizes; each of these will have a specific meaning which drivers will be required to understand.

Our installers can apply many road marking lines to roads across the United Kingdom. It is vital that the lining is clear to drivers to ensure that no accidents occur; if you require relining of roadway markings, our team can offer assistance at affordable prices. 

We have worked within the road marking industry for many years and we only make use of premium materials. Our main goal is to produce high quality line marking which will last a long time.

Our nearby professionals take care when installing the markings to make sure they are applied in the correct place.

We understand that if the thermoplastics are not installed properly, collisions could be caused; this is why it is important to get a professional team to install the road line marking.

We can also offer parking space lining and other services. For more information on our services and the costs of the line marking service, please send us your details using the enquiry form on this page.

Yellow Lines on Road

We can install yellow lines on roads to show no parking or waiting at junctions or on particular roadways. A single yellow line can be installed at the edge of roadways to prevent people from parking on the roadway for a long period of time.

Single yellow lines are often installed near parking signs which will indicate when you're able to park and for how long.

We may also install double yellows at the side of roads to stop people from waiting or parking there.

Double yellow line marking on a local road indicate that parking or waiting here is forbidden at any time even if there are no signs. 

Hatched markings may be found at box junctions. The yellow criss-cross boxes indicate that you should not go inside the box unless you know that you are able to go straight through the junction - only go inside the box if your exit has become clear.

We are able to install hatched line-markings where necessary to prevent accidents and collisions. 

White Lines on Roads Near Me

There are a number of white lines on roadways which all have different meanings. The white line along the side of the road is installed to mark the edge of carriageways and motorways.

You will also see white road marking lines in the middle of some roads; these are put onto roads to mark the different sides of the road and the distinct lanes. You will also find a range of other white line-markings on the roadway.

Short double white dashes are installed at junctions to let drivers know to give way. We also install zig zag markings near crossings to prevent people from parking there or in the surrounding areas.

If you would like to discuss the different white lining which we install for motorways and roadways in Dungannon BT71 5 or you're interested to find out costs, please fill in our contact form.

One of our experts closest to you will get back to you as soon as possible with more information regarding the line-markings which we can install. We may also provide you with a free quotation once we have received your details.

Road Lining Maintenance in Dungannon

It is crucial to get linings which have been applied to roads touched up when they have become worn out; this is because roadways can become dangerous if drivers cannot see the line-markings.

Our specialists can carry out relining services to renew existing markings and make them more visible to drivers and pedestrians. Road lining maintenance is important to ensure no accidents are caused.

If give way signs become worn out, people may not stop at busy junctions; similarly if lane line-markings become unclear, people may accidentally switch lanes and cause a collision.

High friction surfacing will also need to be maintained. For details on maintenance, please complete our contact form.

How to Install Roadway Markings Near Me

If you are interested in installing roadway markings, make sure to look at these steps:

  1. Heat the moulton thermoplastic in a boiler until it reaches 220 degrees
  2. Outline where the line marking needs to go using chalk
  3. Pour the moulton thermoplastic out in the correct shapes using specialist equipment
  4. Wait for the line marking to cool

We install thermoplastic road line markings to mark out important things on roadways. Please contact our team for more details on lining for roads.

Other Road Markings We Offer

We conduct road marking lines in Dungannon BT71 5 to improve the safety of people on the roads. Fill in our contact form to speak to one of our advisors.

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